By: Dr. Alan (San Ramon, CA)

Written By:  cws-admin July 31, 2017 at 6:01 pm

My experience dealing with David Willmering and John (owner of Seawitch) was the most outstanding and positive I have ever had. These people do exactly what they promise and they take care of you with meticulous perfection. David was totally on top of every single aspect of our project which was complex as it involved the purchase and customizing of a large vessel. He never missed a beat throughout the accessorizing and outfitting of my boat, all done via telephone and pictures emailed. All of the work was done flawlessly, on time and exactly as planned. I could not be happier and Seawitch Marine has FAR exceeded my wildest expectations! Thank you also to Ben who is a master technician and does spectacularly beautiful work and to Ivan who was able to seek out all of my desired accessories and at competitive pricing. Finally, my real hero is David. What he knows about his product and how to best outfit it would fill volumes! Dealing with Seawitch is what a buying experience SHOULD be like!