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Kevin's G3 1448 PF alum. boat
Mark took his 22' CC out with Lance, Justin & Darryl & caught this 800lbs+ Mako shark out of Oceanside ... Read More
Mike & his new Triumph 1700 Skiff w/Yamaha 70hp. 4-Stroke. Appropriately named "Thanks Dad"
Jim with his family enjoying their Striper 1851 DC @ Lake San Antonio, CA....HAPPY FAMILY!
Tony & his new Triumph 170 CC. The fish in San Diego Harbor don't stand a chance!
Gordie from Washington picking up his 2007 Seaswirl Striper from us. Thanks again!
Good times ahead for Bill & Kathleen in their 2007 18' Monterey the picked up from us.
Mike can't wait to get his new G3 Guide 14 w/Yamaha 15hp. to the lake.
Jim & Melody picking up their new Larson LX 850...Next stop Parker!
Richard & Sara picking up their new to them 1996 Chaparral 18'...Next stop the river!
Richard in his new Triumph 170 CC.
Abel enjoying his new Striper 1905 CC
Frank is ready for the river with his new Larson LX 710.
When Esteban isn't defending our country, he's on the water with his family & his new Larson LX 750
McComas family & their new Triumph 170 CC
Calvin & Kenny Enjoying Their New Seaswirl Striper 2601WA
Frank M. on his new Seaswirl Striper 2105 CC
Neil's first fish aboard his new Striper 1851WA while fishing with his brother Perry.
Vince & Diana Next To Their "PAK MAN" Striper 2101AK